As Traders are sensory, they are also the best at customer service and market research, finding balance by seeing both sides. They are also great at managing ongoing projects by bringing people and systems together to deliver results. They love buying and selling things, whether getting a bargain at the flea market or making millions trading in the property market.

They are naturally detached which enables them to remain grounded while others might be losing their heads.  Value comes from waiting for and surfing the right wave while others get caught in the current.  When asked if he went with the herd or against it, famous market trader George Soros replied: “I am very cautious about going against the herd; I am liable to be trampled on. The trend is your friend most of the way.”

Successful Traders are always on the look out for what is happening around them and how to quickly add value with a conversation here or an action there. They work best when they are hands-on and in action, rather than being left on their own.

If you think about an emergency room in a hospital, this is Trader energy, where everyone is doing what is needed the moment it is needed. Traders get into flow when the team is working like this and they feel they have had a good day when it has been busy and everyone has been involved in the final result.