Supporters get busy lighting up others. Supporters are the strongest leaders, as they can turn value into action by encouraging and motivating.

As Jack Welch says, “Information moves so fast today, and everyone has more information than the CEO does. So the only role of the CEO is to be out there energizing people and turning this information into action.”  Supporters are masters at energizing teams by giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Quoting Welch again, “Giving people self- confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act.”

Supporters supply the glue without which great plans would crumble.  Successful Supporters in life have chosen the right person or company to support and have stayed for the long term, building a team that is often as loyal to them as the company.

Supporters are outgoing, loyal and fantastic networkers. Their value is in the heat of the moment – the relationships they create and the enthusiasm they can offer. Left to themselves they often get indecisive and lost – like fire without wood. When given the opportunity to build their own team, the team can outpace, outsmart and outperform the most quick-witted competitor.

Successful Supporters have built their reputation around their ability to mobilize teams to perform.  In an innovative environment they thrive, with new products or projects adding fuel to the flames. The sharper the products, the smarter their marketing and leadership. Innovation, though, is left to others as Supporters are too busy leading from the front to have their head in the clouds.