Lords love the detail, and are renowned for their thrift. One of the world’s most successful Lords, John D Rockefeller said when reflecting on his life, “How well I remember the words of my mother, wilful waste makes woeful want!”

Lords value numbers over people and don’t have time for politics or niceties. They would rather deal with simple legwork than fancy footwork. Lords love certainty and hate risk. They also prefer to keep to themselves. Those in the team who have not yet found their true value have often failed to see their greatest strengths; analytical skills, risk aversion and need for control.

When momentum grows, many Lords cannot resist their tendency to micro-manage. Numbers and detail respond well to this but people tend to object. For this reason, Lords need to be managed well and valued for what they are good at so they don’t get voted off the team for all the wrong reasons, with the team ending up
with no one watching the details.

Lords love certainty and are most comfortable with routine, where they know what comes next and they have a chance to check the results to see if they came out as predicted. Lords love to get things right and they love it even more if the team or the system gets things right. This means they are great score keepers and test takers and get into flow when they are given clear feedback and results that they can improve on.