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Talent Dynamics Profile Test - Buy 1 Give 1

Contribution – Our Greatest Incentive to Thrive.

Doing great things in addition to the great things we do is central to Talent Dynamics.

Through our partnership with B1G1, every time someone buys a product from the Talent Dynamics shop, something great happens – we give to someone less fortunate somewhere in the world through B1G1.

For example, every time you buy a profile from us, we give fresh water to a family on your behalf. Every time we accredit a new Performance Consultant, a child in India receives the gift of education for a month.

B1G1 works with many organisations that conduct many change-making activities in their countries.

Fully 100% of the contributions that we make on your behalf, go directly to the Worthy Cause projects through B1G1 giving. B1G1 takes nothing from the contributions nor does it receive funds from charities in any way for the services it provides.

Here at Talent Dynamics we think that economic growth should be linked to environmental and social well-being.  We consciously look beyond the short term and only make decisions that have a positive effect for all involved in the long-term.  This creates lasting relationships with our internal team members, our performance consultants around the world and the various organisations that come along the pathway with us.

Despite the global financial crisis, because we focus on getting everyone into flow we have found that the majority of individuals, teams, and enterprises who come into contact with us are increasing market share, doubling turn over in less than 12 months and generally increasing revenue and profit.  We can see that by effective giving it helps everyone.

What does this mean for you?

It’s simple. It means that every time you decide to purchase one of our products or programs, we give directly to a cause. And it’s all thanks to you and us working together to do great things.

Because of B1G1, we’re able to choose from over 600 projects in 28 countries around the world.

Below is a small list to show you the kind of work they do and the lives that are touched.  Here at Talent Dynamics, we firmly believe that businesses have the power to change lives. Working with B1G1 makes it possible in so many ways.  Email us at to find out more.