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Reseller Programme Overview

The Talent Dynamics Profiling reseller facility is open to everyone. The only requirement is that you must buy profile test tokens in "bulk" quantities which is a minimum of 5 tests. You can purchase more if you wish. There are no minimum monthly or annual purchases required.

The reseller programme purchase rate is as follows:

No of profiles Price
5+ USD $50

With talent dynamics profiles able to be onsold for USD $97 each. This provides you with a revenue generating opportunity.

You must also be willing to fulfill the customary "customer service" role for the tests that you resell. This includes:

  • Managing all test "tokens" you purchase
  • Issuing test tokens to your clients
  • Collecting payment from your clients (if applicable)
  • Assisting your clients in the test taking process
  • Retrieving test results for your clients when necessary

If you are not willing to take on these additional reseller responsibilities, please use our standard affiliate programme instead. With that you refer people to our web site, they purchase directly from us and you receive a 30% reward for all tests sold.

Please note:  If you wish to charge any amount which is different to the RRP of USD $97 you will need to first request approval by contacting customer support.

How to purchase your test profiles

Once logged in to your account you are able to specify how many profiles you wish to purchase at the above prices and can pay for these by credit card using the Paypal credit card merchant facility provided. A Paypal receipt will then be issued by email to you. Once profile test tokens have been purchased, they will automatically be placed in your administrator account. You also easily list all your test tokens, perform searches, and to see the test results of your clients.


The Talent Dynamics Profile test requires that clients answer sensitive questions about their talent successes, failures and ambitions. As an administrator, you will have access to this data. The primary purpose of this access is for you to be better able to provide your clients with ongoing coaching in Talent Dynamics programmes.

  • All client test data must be treated as private and confidential.
  • You may not SPAM your clients with unwanted email. Any email you send must conform with local anti-spam laws and allow clients to quickly and easily opt-out.
  • You must inform your clients prior to taking their test that you will have access to their information.
  • Reported abuses of this policy are treated seriously and can result in the termination of your administrator / reseller privileges.